The differences between cloud inventory management software options

 The advantages of apps and services based on cloud technology are one of the main reasons why so many individuals and organizations are showing interest in this technology. There are many cloud service providers that have managed to make a huge profit from their products. However, in order to sell such services, the provider must have the expertise and must show the users that they can automate different business processes including sales, inventory management, billing, and marketing.

Some of the most successful companies in the world are using cloud inventory management software. That’s why software developers are investing in the development of such tools. If you want to save time and money too, you should stick to the solutions that have proven to be effective. According to the latest statistics, Ubersmith and RackNap are the two most popular solutions of this kind found in the market today.


Ubersmith is a product offered by Internap. It represents an automated solution used for various business processes including billing, infrastructure management, and desk support. It provides an integrated app that can deliver info via a single pane of glass. Ubersmith has more than ten years of experience in SaaS, cloud, web hosting and collocation.


RackNap, on the other hand, is comprehensive automation software that streamlines every business process of a modern company. This is the ideal solution for those looking for automation of business processes like business intelligence, support, marketing, inventory management and billing in the cloud. This product was designed by ZNetLive which is one of the best-known cloud technology promoters with over 15 years of experience. RackNap is popular because It is able to integrate with most of the systems found in modern companies.


There are many things that these two solutions have in common, but there are also many differences. First of all, we should take a closer look at their inventory automation. RackNap provides a well-defined workflow for automated and manual orders which is one of the most important things for inventory management software solutions of any kind. This product provides a great transparency and makes checking assets easier than ever. The truth is that Ubersmith is also offering an automated solution. But, the definition of the inventory management process is not defined well.

Next, we will highlight the scalability and flexibility of inventory management. Every professional inventory management software tool must be able to scale higher. RackNap provides this high level of flexibility and scalability. We can say the same thing about Ubersmith.


As we said before, RackNap has a great workflow for both automated and manual orders. On the other hand, Ubersmith works great with automated orders but shows limited performance in the case of manual orders.

All in all, RackNap is a better option compared to Ubersmith because it has a well-defined process workflow that makes it easier for the users to handle inventory management processes. It is compatible with other software solutions too which means that you can integrate it into your system without any hassles and without affecting the business process.

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