What is Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants?

Present POS systems aren’t only about accepting payments at restaurants. They help analyzing customer and sales data, track inventory, manage invoicing and employees along with other capabilities. POS system is basically the technological heart of a restaurant that centralizes information and generates authentic reports.

Different vendors supply various POS solutions therefore it can be hard to pick one for your particular restaurant. We have listed down the best POS systems depending upon requirements of different restaurant types. All these POS systems support NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that allows payments through mobile wallets.


It is a system which works exceptionally well for full-service restaurants. It is an iPad POS system which was founded in 2011. You can create table maps, update menu items and monitor sales through Breadcrumb app. You can also purchase or lease hardware from Breadcrumb. There is a base subscription fee for a single terminal which is incremented upon the addition of other terminals to your restaurant.

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Founded in 2008, ShopKeep is a cloud based POS system specially designed for restaurants. The interface is user-friendly and provides multiple options for customizability for restaurants that want simplicity. For the first 60 days of subscription, you have complete access to a ShopKeep expert. All the payments are processed through BridgePay gateway.


Square has gained tremendously popular within the market since its inception in 2009. The system has no monthly fee which is an ideal entry point for new businesses. The system is compatible with iOS and Android devices unlike its competitors who are compatible with only iPads. For extended features of Square, you can subscribe to their other packages and buy additional hardware. You can also integrate with third party applications such as Xero and TexJar.


It is a Microsoft based point of sales system with multiple features including sales reporting, menu building and table management. There is a tablet POS system designed specifically for tableside ordering and trucks. Dinerware has various pricing structures as offered by independent dealers. It tends to be a little expensive then tablet POS systems but is a little cheaper than normal POS system.

It’s important to understand the fundamentals of a good POS system. Also, you should be familiar with the requirements of your restaurant and make an investment accordingly. Look for systems that can scale with expansion of your restaurants as you open more outlets.